Fifty-two percent of the 56 million Hispanics in the United States are under the age of 30. They are young, tech-savvy, and among the most influential trendsetters and tastemakers. Marketers see the clear opportunity and power of this group as long as they can connect with them in an effective way. But what is the language to do this. It’s code. Digital code.

Everyone talks about the “more” in Hispanic marketing:

Consumers consume. What they consume and when they consume is their choice, but that choice is becoming more and more managed, predicted, and influenced as our technology and understanding of shopping behavior grows more sophisticated. Brands continue to try to influence this choice with the expected advertising and marketing tactics, in many of the same ways they’ve always done over the years. Now, however, more models and data tools are set to decipher the choice of the when and the what far ahead of time, and these models are becoming more accurate and complex than ever before. Analysis of past…

Francisco Cardenas

Advertising guy fascinated with digital communication strategies. My struggle is to unite two worlds that will make a better one.

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